Urology includes the male and female urinary tract deseases.
Are attributable to urology the adrenal glands deseases, in the case of man also those of the genital reproductive tract (testis, penis, prostate) that are subject to medical and surgical therapy.
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The andrological check-up

Erectile dysfunction and infertility have a profound effect on the wellbeing of many men. Early check-ups and, above all, suitable treatment ensure a cure for most disorders.
The check-up includes:

  • Andrological check-up and if necessary the following tests:
  • Spermiogram, Spermioculture
  • Scrotal Doppler ultrasound
  • Dynamic penile Doppler ultrasound
  • Hormone imbalance
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Disease processes

The knowledges of disease processes are constantly evolving, as well as are developing new surgical techniques to establish rapid technological advances, is the same urological practice to be booming with changes that will help to improve care for patients with andrological and urological deseases
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Modern medicine focuses on early diagnosis of many illnesses because early diagnosis can mean simpler treatment and better recovery rates.
The increase in average life expectancy has led to the emergence of urological and andrological pathologies and disorders for which successful treatment is available if early diagnosis is achieved.

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The urological check-up

This is a set of laboratory and clinical tests specifically indicated for those over 45 years of age. The first symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia can be identified and early diagnosis of prostatic neoplasm can be achieved by assessing the condition of the prostate.
The check-up includes the following tests:

  • Total PSA, free PSA
  • Bladder, prostrate, transrectal ultrasound and/or prostate TRIMprob test
  • Specialist urological check-up
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